VISION BOARDS: Everything you need to know about them -interview with Juddie

Beginning of this year as I scrolled down my friends WhatsApp status, I couldn’t help but notice that my good friend Juddie (yes the one and only Juddie who is always travelling LOL ( ) was on Vacation. I of course got curious and asked. She told me she was at a vision board party and was like okay. I know about vision boards and I even have one wink that has really worked for me but I had never heard about a vision board party, yes I’m such a blonde, lol.

From the conversation we had I knew this was not one that I could keep to myself so, I asked to interview her for this blog and she could share everything about vision boards with you guys.

(I’m excited as this is my first interview on this blog.)

Here we go:

  • What’s a vision?

 A vision is a projection into the future through one’s imaginations and plans.

  • What is a vision board:

A vision board is a piece of art work usually on a board or a chart that displays your future goals in form of actual images and wordings. It is a manifestation of the kind of life you are working towards.

  • How does it work?

Have a journal, document daily, monthly routines (like taking stock). Quarterly plans… Half a year plans, annual plans… 2 year plan… 5 year plan and so on…. Today’s plans influence the outcome of next month’s and so on….

 The main Board should contain the end Goal… The rest can be done in journals as they are steps towards the main goal. The evaluation in your journal will inform on whether you are on the right track or not. Learn to rate your progress.

  • Why would someone need a vision board?

 I believe everyone needs to have a vision board because

1. It helps us to IDENTIFY and choose a future for ourselves.

2. It helps us with clarity as regards to our goals and dreams.

3. Affirmations!!!  On those tough days that I believe we all have, my vision board reminds me of who I am and where I am headed… Then I realize that better days are coming

3. A vision board keeps you in check and helps you maintain FOCUS .Eyes on the prize. We are human, we get derailed so this is very important.

4. Having a vision board in place gives you purpose.

5. With a vision board, you become a goal oriented individual. This is because it constantly reminds you of your Progress and motivates you to do more to move closer and closer by the day.

  • In your honest opinion are vision boards effective?

: Yes. Vision boards are Very effective… As long as you do your part. It is not some sort of magic lol.  What happens is, it gives you a visual reminder of your dreams and goals. (It should be strategically hang or placed in such a way that you can see it every single day). My mentor, tells me that visualization is the best work out exercise for the mind. The visualization is what triggers your action and steps towards the goals you have set for yourself 😊

  •  What are some of things one needs to consider while setting a vision board?

A vision Board has no formula at all… It doesn’t have to be realistic.. if your goals don’t scare you, they are not big enough 😉.  You just have to be true to yourself and put down your hear desires. That dream car, that dream house, that dream destination…. That is what you need to put on that vision board.

A vision board is also a very personal tool. You have to be VERY INTENTIONAL about it.  No one should influence its content other than YOURSELF.

  • Has it worked for you and how? Examples?

Has it worked for me??? Hell yea!!!! I wish someone taught me this earlier. I would have been very intentional about so many things in my life from the word go. No regrets though😊. I am slowly making up for the lost time.


I have daily routines that were a struggle, especially those affecting my spiritual life.

Reading a verse.

Doing an act of kindness daily.



In 2017, I got a journal and worked out a routine… As they say after 21 days of   commitment to a routine, it becomes part of you… So it did. I achieved!!!

Travel: I have a constant travel partner and I have other travel partners’ lol. We plan our destination and agree on the timelines and we never cancel any of those plans… So far so good. We have our common dream destinations that we are constantly calling to reality and working towards….we are almost there 😉

As regards investments and financial goals, so far, so good. I have been meeting my targets, thou not where I am supposed to be.

Before the vision Board came, I cared less about checking things off my list. I had no list to check. I lacked intention. Lacked purpose. Lacked drive. I was ignorant.

  • What do you base your Vision board on?

I base my vision board on;

1. Jeremiah 29:11

2. The Laws of attractions. The universe reciprocates the same energy and vibration that I release.

3. Confession is possession. I own them by faith as I wait for them in the physical 😊

  •  My lessons:

I am in competition with the person I was yesterday. Not anybody else, nobody else has goals identical to mine so I lane, there’s no traffic here😘

2. Learning never stops, anytime I learn, I grow, so my dreams grow as well. It is okay to modify your vision board when this happens. Maybe you underestimated your potential, then a realization comes to you that you can actually do bigger and better.

3. I also learnt that everything that I do should start with the intention to. Not peer pressure. Not undue influence not duress… But free will and intention from my end.

4. I started living a life full of positivity. Believing more in the better days and sunshine that I have confessed upon my life on my vision board.

  • You talked about having a vision board party, what goes on in it and how has it changed your life?

A vision board party is a goal-setting session. It could be a sleep over, staycation, a vacation (for extra humans🤭) or even a day with your accountability partner (s) or friends in progress (like I like to call them)…. where you all discuss and come up with vision boards for newbies…. If you already have the boards in place, then this can be a time when you meet to take stock, evaluate, discuss challenges, find solutions, encourage each other… basically hold each other accountable .. Sip on some wine or juice 🤭 … Toast to the wins.

We thought it best to hold ours at the beginning of the year so we can also plan out our year and what we plan to achieve. We also set timelines and targets.

Vision board parties are fun!!!! And they also push you to do better because you have people to hold you accountable… You have a support system. Knowing that I have accountability partners who push me is the kind of adrenaline rush in my life 😂😂😂😂. I am also part of Bidanya Elite club where we are big on vision Boards and individual 5 year plans. Honestly I work so hard to ensure a positive update during our meet ups because we share our progress there as well.

A vision board party keeps you alert. It has made me a better person in terms of making good my promises… I keep my word these days… initially it was because I knew the rest of the team is watching… Then after sometime it became a part of me.

Doing what she does best.
  •  Vision boards are about manifesting your goals, how do you do that?

I cut out photos of things that resonate with my dreams from magazines. I print others, while others are a creation of my hand, sketches and drawings. I ensure my vision board looks as colourful as possible. So is my future😉, I wish I can get the courage to share it with everyone.

  • What are some of the things you needs to consider while vision boarding?  

Take time to think about what you want.   Research.



Have mentors and accountability partners on board. You will need them!!!!

Present these plans to God. You know He also has plans for you .Jeremiah 29: 11 affirms us of His good plans for us. Have this discussion with Him. Let Him be the centre. Actually on my Vision Board, my spiritual life is literally at the centre of all the other aspects of this life of mine.

  • What advice would you give someone who’s being inspired and doesn’t know where to start?

Take time to reflect on the aspects of your life. Think about where you want to be… Put that down. Start NOW with what you have; a pen and a paper. Rome was not built in one day… Read extensively about vision Boarding; discuss with friends; watch YouTube tutorials…. Pole pole tu you will get there. It not a day’s affair.

  • Finally, what is your parting shot?

A vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision is simply passing time. Also, I don’t mind helping a few interested people to start up on vision Boarding. I can host a vision board party at my place any day 😉

How inspiring was this post? I am already inspired to make my 2020 vision board. Who wants to have a vision board party? 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉 Let me know what inspired you from this post. Looking forward to reading from you.