Taking Stock V: February

Hey loves,

Taking stock reminds me how far I have come and also makes me motivated in doing more. Can you imagine that February is already done, we are 3 days away from March? This year is clearly flying so fast and that makes me a bit excited and also nervous because I have to start thinking about my future and all.  This is my first taking stock this year so here we go:

Addicted: To being the best I can be in every area of my life.

Buying: Assets for my company.

Craving: Pork ribs

Deciding:  To just focus on being the best I can be and work hard towards being that person

Drinking:  Tea.

Eating: Mandazi. Yes my diet is clearly out of the window but hey, don’t judge.

Enjoying: Life

Feeling: Loved.

Learning: That not every battle requires to be fought.

Listening:  To Suzzana by Sauti Sol. We’ve got to appreciate good Kenyan Music.

Marvelling: At God’s grace and love as always… I keep falling short but He never turns His back on me. 😢 😢 😢

Noticing: How at peace I am.

Playing: Gardenscapes. This game is tooo addictive

Proud: Of how far Reign Events has come. Can’t wait for an event I am holding next month.

Pondering: On my next financial moves.

 Reading: The man God has for you by Stephan.

Waiting: For everything to fall into place.

Watching: Love is Blind. A reality show on Netflix, it’s quite interesting by the way.

Wishing: I had a million dollars. Don’t we all?

Working: On being better at my finances and being very intentional in everything I do this year.

Wondering: How can I get to the top in every area of my life?

Feel free to shoot your questions or feedback down below! I love reading from you!