Taking Stock IV: November

Hey loves,

Can you believe that today is the 2nd last day of November? Yoh! Time has flown really fast and all we can do is give thanks to God. As a norm every end month, I take stock, this lets me see measure how far I have come and what I need to do differently.

So here we go:

Addicted: To getting my finances in a better position.

Buying: New shoes and clothes.

Craving: Pizza. I feel like its been forever since I had a slice.

Deciding:  To just focus on being the best I can be and work hard towards being that person

Drinking:  Tea.

Eating: Kebab.

Enjoying: Life

Feeling: Amazing and happy and grateful.

Learning: To let God and let go.

Listening: Caroline Mutoko’s YouTube channel on money.

Marvelling: At God’s grace and love as always… I keep falling short but He never turns His back on me. 😢 😢 😢

Noticing: How time has really flown by and we about to close the year.

Playing: Gardenscapes. This game is tooo addictive

Proud: Of how far Reign Events has come.

Pondering: On my next financial moves.

 Reading: Higher is waiting by Tyler Perry and I also have a CAT today.

Waiting: For everything to fall into place.

Watching: Jack Ryan…This is clearly one of my best series ever. You think season 1 was amazing? Just see season 2 and you will love it even more.

Wishing: I had a million dollars.

Working: On getting more clients for end of year parties. (If you know a company that would love an events planner or tents please halla, a recommendation goes a long way.)

Wondering: How I can achieve about 80% of my dreams before the end of the year.

Feel free to shoot your questions or feedback down below! I love reading from you!