Review: KUKito

I love trying new things and places but I mostly love spaces with beautiful interiors.

Finding new places that I can get to chill and have amazing food with my family is everything so I will definitely be recommending places and amazing spots you can hung out.

First on my list is this new joint on Kimathi road KUKITO. It is next to Java where Frozen yogurt was. My friend and I saw it after we had had lunch at Greenview (their fish fingers are everything) and so we couldn’t order anything else as we were already full. Fun fact: Kukito is part of the Java Group formed to compete with KFC.

When my sister told me that she was hungry I knew we had to check this place out even though she was a little sceptical about it (she doesn’t like trying new stuff because she is afraid of being disappointed 😥) I am actually really glad that she was not disappointed.

The interior has deep earthy brown colours and amazing pieces that are quite relatable with the Kenyan ‘Mwananchi.’  Like Hakuna Matata, ‘Nairobi Mixed Secondary school’fundi wa saa‘ etc. Their serviettes have a very creative line that got me and my sister laughing , ‘Kula hadi mifupa ikujue jina‘

I had their chapo wraps (don’t judge me, I am not on a diet haha) which are to die for, while my sister had their chipo and kuku which was 475. Their chicken had barbeque sauce which made the chicken amazingly delicious, their fries are crispy and very delicious.

Their décor is actually very African and beautiful.

Doesn’t this sink remind you of high school?
LOL. This is just next to the washrooms.

 All in all I would definitely recommend this as a good chill out spot and quite affordable.

Do you have a place you think you could recommend? I would be happy to check it out.