More of God, Less of Me!

Someone asked me what I considered to be the best or most important relationship in my life and I quickly answered,”my relationship with God”. I know some may read this and wonder how now? but that’s the truth. We all have different beliefs and that’s okay.
Let me explain. Since I was a little girl I have always had a relationship with God. I am not perfect nor do I ever claim to be, you see I am only human and most of the times I fall from His Grace. I am human, full of pride and anger and I have portrayed that to God. But He has never changed. He has remained faithful even when I didn’t deserve it. He has answered prayers when I didn’t expect Him to. You see, God is not man that He keeps an account of our wrong doings. He forgives us even when we do  not deserve his forgiveness.
A couple of weeks ago I was going through something that made me think that my life was done. Everything I have ever worked so hard  for seemed to be gone. I felt that my life was crumbling in front of me. I felt so alone and angry at everyone. I was even angry at God. I questioned why He let me go through this. I was falling into depression and nothing made sense anymore. I didn’t have peace in my heart or in my mind, I couldn’t stay alone cause my thoughts were too much for me to handle. I needed people around. I thought talking to friends would help and it did only a little bit.
I needed peace and I looked for it from friends and family and I didn’t find it. I realised that I worship a God who has never failed me. I chose to put my pride away and call to Him. It wasn’t easy considering my anger and pride. But that was the best decision I ever made. The bible tells us to “call unto Him and He will answer: Jeremiah 33;3” I called and asked for peace and I have peace now. It is the best feeling ever.
This is why my most important relationship is with God. He does not keep a record of our wrong doings. We should take Him by His word. This year I have decided to let my life be led by God. I have done mistakes that I cannot change now. I have let my anger and pride lead me and blind me instead. I am done thinking that I can do it on  my own. I have forgiven myself for the mistakes that I have done as God has already forgiven me and you can never make a right with another mistake.

So this year less of me{ pride, anger,guilt} and more of God {joy, love, peace, forgiveness and taking Him by His promises}

PSALMS 29;11 “The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.”

‘I am a Christian,

I am not perfect,

I make mistakes,

I mess up,

But God’s Grace is bigger than my sins”