How I lost 10kgs in 6months

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness or even a nutritionist guru, this is just my experience which may work for others and may not work for others.

Beginning of this year, I set out a goal to lose weight and yoh its being a tough journey. I’ve given up so many times especially when I did not see any results because it  was frustrating. So many times I quit but I was not satisfied with how I looked so I found myself going back to the drawing board.

I’m an early riser and I am always up by 4.30am. I usually have a morning routine and one of it is definitely work out for about 15-20 Mins. I love my fitness app as it has all the exercises one may need and best part is that it is free. I lost about 3kgs in like 2 months and because that wasn’t what I wanted, I wasn’t as excited.

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” If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.  “

This quote made me change how I viewed this whole journey and for me everything else wasn’t working so that’s why I went back to the drawing board. When my friend introduced me to IF I knew that I had to try it. That meant I researched exactly what it was before I was completely sold to the idea. A page on Facebook helped me immensely – ( Kelitu the owner of the page has amazing resources that you can get to help you in this journey. Very detailed and easy.)

IF is a type of fasting where you choose to not eat on some hours or days. Different types of IF are;

  1. 16:8: Where you fast for 16 hours and 8 is your eating window. I loved this because it wasn’t so intense. You see one could be doing this and not realize. This is where you can choose to have dinner as your last meal of the day, skip breakfast and have lunch as your first meal. You’ve fasted for 16 hours and you wouldn’t even realize it. I found it to be very easy, as I would take coffee without sugar during this time. You could also skip dinner and have breakfast, your choice.
  2. 5:2 diet: The Fast Diet means that five days of the week are normal eating days, while during the other two calories should be restricted to 500 – 600 per day.
  3. OMAD: This is where you have one meal a day. I think for this your discipline needs to be on another level.
  4. Prolonged Fasting: This is where you fast between 24 hours and 72 hours. I actually did this and it proved to be very effective. I think this for me was the most effective but it was hard in the beginning then your body starts getting used to it. I would just have water and black coffee (without sugar), black coffee actually suppresses hunger and it’s not as bad as it sounds. . would really not recommend this but if you think you can then go for it.

During my eating window I’d try to cut off carbs and soda. If I had breakfast I would eat oats (which I love soaking them overnight with milk/yoghurt, bananas and blue berries). I started carrying lunch to work and because I’d be tempted to buy chapatti’s (I love my chapatti’s so much they are my weakness).

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I basically denied myself so much so that I could get to my goal (talk about eagle focus) it’s said that once you start seeing results it becomes an addiction and that was me then. I lost 7 kgs in a period of 1 and a half months.  My parents thought I was going nuts doing this because you could easily tell that I was slimming. My dad thought I was stressed out and he kept asking me what was wrong and if I wanted to talk, I could just tell him. (Awww I love my dad😍💕💖💞). Everyone around me noticed, others thought because I’d moved departments (at my place of work) then it must have been stressful (LOL how people are quick to jump to conclusions). A part of me was excited about this progress and a part of me wasn’t.

Unfortunately IF doesn’t choose where you get to lose weight. Because you are losing fat so that kinda means you will almost lose your ass 😂 😂 😂. Not to worry though.. You can always incorporate IF with working out to get a more defined body. I think this will really help.

All I’m saying is that in life everything is about discipline and consistency. I proved to myself that I could get the JLo body and yes I may still have  a long way to go 🙈🙈, but I’m now glad that I know what can work for me and what can’t.  

IF changed my life and yes I would do it again to reach my ultimate goal but at least trying it has helped me know what can and won’t work for me. It’s like I’m now building my body from the ground up.

I still believe that working out is the one of the most effective way to losing weight. There’s something refreshing about working out. Unless your aim is to lose weight fast then do the IF. But bottom line is you need discipline for both.

This may not work for everyone but I think you will only know what works for you only if you try.

Let me know if you’ve tried losing weight and how has your journey, what have been your struggles and also achievements. I love reading from you 😘😘😘😘.

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