As I write this I’m a little bit nervous but also excited because I can only imagine the woman you have become. It’s been one crazy hell of a ride and if you are half of what you always wanted to be then I’m proud of you. I’m always proud of you.


Taking that bold step to rededicate your life to God was the best decision you ever made. I know it was a long time coming, you debated with taking this step in your life and it was scary. Scary because you only thought of what you were about to give up and not what you would be gaining. I hope and pray that God is the centre of your life. Your number one, your BFF and that your relationship is everything you ever imagined. I know trust was a big thing but I hope that you have completely learnt to surrender to His will and way above yours.


I hope you got to travel to all the amazing places you pinned on your vision board. I hope you have been to Maldives, and to Egypt, and to Santorini, Greece. I hope that you’ve travelled all around Kenya to places that make your heart smile and I hope that Dylan is with you on all these trips. You know he loves the outdoors and seeing him smile like he did in Amboseli is the best gift you could ever give to him.


I know that life has knocked you down on this before but I pray and hope that you met the person God Kept for you. Despite the rejection, heartaches, disappointments and being in emotionally abusive relationships in the past I pray that you never settled. Never settled for potential, never settled on his words while his actions were totally different, that you never gave 90% to someone who gave you their 10%. I hope that waiting on the one God kept for you made you stronger and made you realize how amazing you are. I pray that you are in love with an amazing man who loves Dylan like his own son. That he is a man that stepped up when the other stepped down. I pray that he is all you ever prayed for and more.


Still employed? I hope not unless you are a Manager or even working for the UN. I hope that Reign Events has grown to be everything you could ever imagine. That all the tears, sweat and prayers you put into this company were not in vain. I pray that you are living out your dreams, inspiring people and making an impact in people’s lives. I hope that you never settled.


I hope that your friendships are intentional. That you are not wondering who is in your corner or not. I hope that you have figured out who your ride or die people are and that you are also intentionally pouring into them.

I hope you are happy. I hope you choose happiness every day. I hope you are eliminating people and things that make you unhappy from your life. Because it’s not worth your time if it’s not making you happy.


Yoh! You know how far we have come on this matter. From never talking about it to writing articles about it, to even having hard conversations with yourself. I want to believe that you are now a money guru and if not, I am kinda disappointed in you. I hope that you made wise investments and that money is now working for and not vice versa. I also hope that after the journey you have been through you have written a book, (yes a girl can dream), remember our quote: LEARN! LEARN! LEARN! And when you do teach. This will definitely be a story worth telling, so tell it.


Have you built your parents that house? I hope you have, I know nothing could ever repay them for everything they’ve done but this is a goal. Family is everything to you and I hope that you are closer and that you are all living your dream lives.

And I hope and pray that you have a beautiful family of your own, 3 more kids maybe? 😎😈😎😈

Above all my prayer is that you are at peace. That you are genuinely happy and that you are your own best friend.  Remember that I am always proud of you and every obstacle that comes your way will only make you stronger. Go through it and keep trusting in God to guide and direct your steps.

If you could write your future self a letter what would you say? I love reading from you…Let me know in the comment section below 😉😉 😉😉 😉😉