Happy New Year Loves, doesn’t 2020 smell of opportunities, love, peace, success, happiness and joy? Are you feeling that NYE? (New Year Energy)Or is it just me? Lol.
I hope your holiday season was a good one and that you’re feeling refreshed and ready for 2020.

We all start the year with resolutions and things we want to achieve every year but most of us never get to achieve that just because we never set goals.
I love setting goals and that is because they keep me grounded and give me a sense of purpose and direction for my life. But before I set goals I always take stock of the goals I had set the previous year and see what I did wrong or right and how I could improve.
I am grateful to God that looking back at my 2019 goals I accomplished about 85% of everything I had set out to do and the 15% was the goals I did not fully accomplish. Did I beat myself down about it? Yes I did but later realised that I had come a long way and I needed to be proud of myself. I am proud of the 85% because from it I have moved a few steps forward and I am clearly not the person I was a few months into 2019.
All I am saying is that we all have things we would like to accomplish but if we never set goals we will never move forward. All the things we want become just wishes. Setting specific goals is the best way to take steps forward in life.
One of my Bffs Mary (check out her blog here) introduced me to a new way of setting goals and that has worked for us so far. We usually have different categories of goals we set every beginning of the year and then break them down into small goals that will help us reach the big goal.
For example if one of your financial goals is to save 120,000 by Dec then that means you will save 10,000 every month. If your spiritual goal is to read the whole Bible in an year then you can do a Plan on You Version or divide the books into months. That then becomes easier for you to accomplish these goals.
Here are a few examples of goals you need to set in 2020. 
1. Physical goals
These are generally goals about your physical appearance.
Lose weight
Change hair color
Experiment more on makeup or fashion
Exercise more and eat healthy
2. Spiritual goals
Be in an intimate relationship with God
I believe in God and setting spiritual goals helps me to grow and evolve; it keeps me from getting stuck in a spiritual rut, so to speak.
3. Personal development goals
Personal development is all about developing yourself in every single way. To be the better than you were yesterday.
Read 24 books this year
Take online courses on marketing
Journal everyday
Learn how to play guitar or a piano
Go back to school for a masters degree
Blog once a week etc
I love reading inspirational books you can check some of the books that have changed my life in this previous post. I hope to read more this year and I’ll definitely post about them.
4. Career goals
Where do you want to see yourself in let’s say 2 years? Or even by end of this year? Making your side hustle a full time job? Getting a promotion?
5. Financial goals
You know I love setting financial goals everyone does. These goals help you figure out what you would want to achieve in certain areas of your life.
Save 10% of your income
Save 100,000 for a trip to Dubai
Buy a car
Have a second source of income
Get out of debt
 6. Relationships/Emotional goals
This isn’t always about finding the right guy or girl to spend the rest of your life with. It’s also about taking care yourself and the people around you.
Check up on family daily
Spend more time with family
Rekindle an old friendship
Go to networking events
Leave a toxic relationship
Go out on dates alone
7. Social goals

Examples of these goals
  travel more

Attend events etc

I hope this inspires you to set goals this year and push yourself into being the best version of yourself. If this inspired you please share it might inspire someone else .
Be sure to check out my post next week on money 😉